Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Siding Cleaning

Vinyl is one of the most convenient options for siding. The stability, adaptability, and flexibility of vinyl siding make it one of the most popular choices among builders and owners. Especially in Canada, where the weather fluctuates noticeably, vinyl siding is the most used option because of its highly resilient features.

As a siding cleaning professional with much experience on vinyl siding cleaning over the years, we recommend you to hire an expert to clean it at least once a year. Siding cleaning is an excellent way to avoid exposing your vinyl siding to damages and ruining it.

Why is Siding Cleaning Essential?

Once you install vinyl siding panels, you will understand that they will not stay new and clean throughout the year. Siding cleaning is crucial to get rid of the dirt, rust, grime, mold, mildew, and bird droppings off its surface. Insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers you will use for garden and lawn maintenance will cause the vinyl siding to discolor overtime. It is common knowledge that tar, caulking, sealant, motor oil and paint can affect vinyl siding too. Under any circumstance, it is best to hire professional siding cleaning Vancouver to take care of these problems effectively.

If you manage to choose the right vinyl siding cleaning service, maintaining your vinyl siding to bounce off radiance is no game.

Siding Cleaning Methods

Siding cleaning with a professional cleaner like Top Roof Cleaning does not utilize cheap store-bought siding cleaning solutions for the process. It is better if you could settle for a cleaning agency that uses biodegradable siding cleaning solutions for their siding cleaning procedure. Our siding cleaning experts recommend the best methods that do not harm the surface or your garden after a lot of training and experience.

Water mixed with oxygen bleach is a cleaner most cleaning agencies use for vinyl siding cleaning. The oxygen bleach does not impose a risk for the garden.

Using Bio-degradable Siding Cleaning Solutions

The most effective method of siding cleaning used by our team of professionals is the biodegradable cleaning chemical that removes every stain entirely and successfully. The solution used by our siding cleaning experts would work like magic every time, and you would not have to spend much money on DIY siding cleaning. Switching from harmful bleach to vegan cleaner is a decision that impacts not only the quality and lifetime of your siding but also protects the fauna and flora of your garden.

Using a pressure washer is certainly not the best thing to do for your siding, but you can still get the job done. The only policy we have as a responsible siding cleaning service provider in Vancouver is to spray the water in a sideward angle, not upward. Siding cleaning with a pressure washer must also always be done by a professional because the tricky parts such as the corners, windows, doors, and plumbing connections must be carefully avoided.
The state-of-the-art pressure washers will do the job quite nicely if operated by an expert. But we always recommend soft-washing over pressure washing.

Siding Cleaning – Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do hire a skilled professional for vinyl siding cleaning in Vancouver. A good cleaning agency can never disappoint you.
  • Make sure that you let your vinyl siding cleaners know the specifics of your location, your siding condition, and the area they need to cover. This would help your siding cleaning team to prepare.
  • Always settle for a siding cleaning company that believes in Green Cleaning. This way, you would both be hiring house maintenance and saving the environment.
  • Never go for vinyl siding cleaning service if they do it using harsh scrubbers, scrapers, brushes, or steel wool. Vinyl siding is strong but very delicate. Abrasion on its surface can reduce the lifetime for several years, which is why a siding cleaning agency that is as irresponsible as that is not the right choice.
  • Organic solvents, liquid grease remover, concentrated chlorine bleach, nail polish remover, and polish used for vehicles or furniture should be strictly avoided. Some people tend to use these household chemicals to remove stains and discoloration from sidings quickly – but this will only make everything a lot worse. Vinyl siding cleaning should not be done using these, for they will damage the surface instead of clean it.
Professional Methods Of Siding Cleaning

A clean house or building is not just a clean interior. Siding cleaning is equally important to give your place an attractive outlook. The best-siding cleaning professionals will tell you how a single session of correct siding cleaning can change your house’s appearance throughout the year. In addition to the great looks, siding cleaning also promises an enhanced lifetime for your siding.
Hands down, Top Roof Cleaning is one the vinyl siding cleaning experts you are looking for. We deliver great value for all our clients by offering top-notch siding cleaning services in Vancouver for the most affordable prices.

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