Tile Roof Cleaning

People say that as long as you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food on the table and whom you love around you; you have everything you need. This makes a lot of sense, especially the bit about the roof. However, tile roofs give you more trouble if they are not clean frequently. Moss, algae and debris can be accumilated over time beteween shingles if you do not do tile roof cleaning in time.

If your roof is made of clay tiles, it would stay in good condition for about 100 years, while a metal tile or synthetic roof would stay up for a good 50 years. However, taking good care of the roof that shelters you is necessary. A tile roof always needs to be cleaned by a professional roof cleaning service at least twice a year. Top Roof Cleaning is proud to announce that we offer tile roof cleaning services in Vancouver.

Why A Tile Roof Should Be Cleaned

As your favorite roof cleaners, we have highly recommended you that a thorough cleaning every once in a while does nothing but the best to any tile roof.

  • Know What Is Coming – Damage does not come overnight. If you hire Top Roof Cleaners, we will get to the roots of the problems of moss and algae growth, mildew, breakage, and leakage issues long before they develop into serious trouble..
  • Boosts Lifetime – The lifetime of your roof is a matter of how it is treated. Tile roof cleaning professionals can clean your roof to a state that it is ready to be sealed, primed and repainted.
  • It’s all about the looks! – Our Vancouver roof cleaners have transformed ghastly, forsaken houses into clean, fresh and attractive in a matter of hours.

All your old-looking, discolored roof needs is an expert of tile roof cleaning Vancouver who will replace all its gruesomeness with awesomeness.

How We Clean Your Tile Roof

Most of the tile roof cleaners who claim to be the best still rely on pressure washing techniques to clean your tile roof. Us? Not in a thousand years. Instead of pressure washing techniques that will essentially damage, erode and disarray the tiles – we follow a different strategy on tile roof cleaning at Top Roof Cleaning.

Biodegradable Cleaning ChemicalsOur cleaning solution is a special roof cleaner with 100% vegan ingredients and natural solvents in it. Using harmful chemicals is just off the list for our roof cleaners, because chemicals can harm the protective layer of tiles and bleach them, causing a potential risk for you and your garden at the same time.

Soft WashingOnce the biodegradable cleaning solution sits on your roof, our Vancouver roof cleaners will wash the dead moss, lichen, algae and mold with water. Soft washing is the only way to completely ensure that your roof tiles stay protected.

Protective Gear-Our Vancouver roof cleaners worry about their health and safety as well, because a good service requires a great deal of confidence and self-assurance. Their eyes, arms and legs, hands, and head will be covered with protective clothing.

Fall-proof Ladders-Tile roofing is fragile. Having an accident is a common risk that needs to be avoided at any cost. Top Roof Cleaning is a fully insured company of which the priority is to give you a good service without risking the safety of our employees. Our Vancouver roof cleaners will bring ladders with ladder legs, and will be harnessed protectively.

Tile Roof Cleaning

Guide To Proper Tile Roof Cleaning Vancouver

Our roof cleaners will make sure to avoid getting on the roof’s fragile areas unless it is absolutely necessary, and to walk gently on them when they do. No matter whether it is going to be a commercial roof cleaning or a residential roof cleaning, Our tile roof cleaning professionals will cover your landscaping and furniture with Tyvek house wrap before we spray the solution on your roof. Our Vancouver roof cleaners will be wearing shoes with higher traction to avoid slipping.

Step By Step Procedure of Tile Roof Cleaning Vancouver

We start off by broom cleaning debris. Twigs, dried leaves, bird droppings, dead moss, and other debris will be cleaned by our Vancouver roof cleaners.The next most vital step is to spray the biodegradable chemical solution on your roof. Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver lets it sit for 20-30 minutes after application until every spore of moss and every particle of algae is removed.Then, our Vancouver roof cleaners will soft wash the entire roof carefully. This will remove all the dead moss from the roof and restore the roof to its original, brand new state.

Finally, Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver will clean any remaining dirt, debris and dead moss caught in the gutters. Our tile roof cleaners Vancouver are the best option you have for a well-maintained tile roof that will stay intact throughout seasons. Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver is a great way to get ahead of time and avoid frequent roof repairs and replacements. Knowing that the roof above your head is well-kept and protected will definitely feel satisfying as well.

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