Gutter Cleaning FAQ’s

We have contractors saying they will use “Eco-Friendly” products when they clean homes or roofs. Why are you using bleach?

That is a great question. Many contractor’s prey on homeowners’ worst fears of damage being done to their properties, landscaping, their pets or loved ones. Clearly, in the wrong hands any process can be dangerous but we at Top Roof Cleaning only use the EXACT procedures that the manufacturers of your siding, hardy plank, stucco, cedar shakes home recommends. When the manufacturers change their recommended cleaning procedures, we will do so accordingly. We do this by being transparent in how we do business and posting all the relevant links from the manufacturers themselves (when available) that way you can see for yourself. We do not use fear mongering/scare tactics or use whatever buzz words are in at the moment to scare you into doing business with us. Top Roof Cleaning believes that a well-informed homeowner can make a better decision regarding the maintenance of their home.

Don’t take our word for it, below are the links:

Roof Cleaning:


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Exterior Cleaning:

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Exterior Brick Cleaning

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Are you a licensed company with insurance coverage?

This should be the basis of every Vancouver roof cleaning company. Roof cleaning is a profession that clearly involves danger, directed at the roof cleaners. Of course we are licensed, and our insurance covers the safety of our employees as well as our clients.

What services do you provide?

Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver is a reliable, registered company that gives roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof moss removal and siding cleaning services to our clients.

Can you guarantee results?

Definitely yes. We value the time and money of our clients, and would not in any way violate their right to receive a satisfactory service for the price they pay. If anything worries you, our Vancouver roof cleaning experts will be more than happy to revisit and resolve the issue.

Is pressure washing the suited way to clean roofs?

Louder for the people at the back; No! Pressure washing is a dangerous, ineffective and harmful method of cleaning your roof. The weight of heavy pressure washers and the harshness of the gush of water will damage the roof granules and cause the shingles to disarray. Therefore; avoid pressure washing at all costs.

How often should I clean my roof?

A roof must be cleaned twice a year if you want to maintain a continuous excellence. Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver will offer a free follow up session after six months of your roof cleaning appointment.

How do you clean my roof?

Soft washing is the only method we trust when it comes to cleaning roofs. Our Vancouver roof cleaners are specialized in using the right, eco friendly chemicals for our roof cleaning purposes. Our roof cleaning solution is a special chlorine-based blend of cleaning agents – that will work perfectly to kill moss, algae and lichen successfully. The chemicals will sterilize the roof and prevent moss and algae from growing back.

Should I be scared of bleach?

Bleaching is an effective method of roof cleaning, but you should be careful to find a Vancouver roof cleaning company that uses proper bleaching techniques. For instance, our roof cleaners cover your landscape and furniture with Tyvek house wrap to avoid bleach from dripping on them. We also rinse thoroughly after each treatment to get the bleach out completely.

Should I be home when you clean the roof?

It is not necessary. Our roof cleaning professionals will complete the job successfully either way. We respect your choice and convenience, so feel free to let us know.

How should I pay you?

We understand that it is not always possible to pay cash. We accept card payments, checks, and online transfers from you. Discuss your preferred payment option with us first, and we will arrange our roof cleaning service to suit your needs.

What are the features of your quotes?

We offer free quotes to clients who contact us for their roof cleaning and gutter cleaning purposes. Our quotes will cover all the expenses you will have to bear, so that there will be no surprise charges after you hire us.

Why should I choose you?

It is no secret that roof cleaning Vancouver is quite a competitive field to be in. There is simply no way that we will be loved and wanted by our customers if we fail to give them a wholesome service. This is why we always strive to be the best roof cleaning service provider ever.

We are affordable, and will offer you customizable roof cleaning packages.

Top Roof Cleaning only employs experienced roof and gutter cleaning professionals. From wearing protective gear to tidying up after, our roof cleaners are the most diligent you can find.

Our roof cleaning agency is all about keeping customers satisfied so that they will choose us again and recommend us to others. We follow eco friendly and effective roof cleaning strategies to guarantee lasting excellence of what we do.

How can I schedule the appointment?

Easy peasy! Just give us a call or drop an email, so that we can get right back to you. Our roof cleaners are known to respond quickly, so if you have an urgent roof cleaning requirement we are the best option there is. Once you call us,   we will schedule a date and time of your convenience.

What is the perfect day to schedule an appointment?

It is common sense that a roof already wet with rain is not the best place to step foot in. Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver avoids cleaning roofs on rainy days, especially when we are working with concrete and cedar roofs. Cleaning a roof in rain is impractical and dangerous. A dry weather is ideal to clean concrete and cedar roofs, whereas asphalt shingle roofs that need better water absorption would be ideal to be cleaned on mild, humid days.

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