Concrete Roof Cleaning

Is your roof concrete?

If you have a concrete roof, you probably already know how messy it can get in just a few weeks. Concrete is an absolute delight for the moss, algae, and lichen! The small indentations that are naturally found on concrete are home to tiny spores and roots of moss and algae. Therefore, concrete roof cleaning has become an unavoidable cost for you.

concrete roof cleaning

What Not to Do

Concrete roof cleaning will be unsuccessful if you try to wash, scrub, or brush – because the pockets of concrete can nourish tiny moss roots, algae spores, and lichens. The moment the concrete cleaning process is over, they will start growing right back. This will be a never-ending process, and a lot of your money will be wasted in hiring incompetent Vancouver roof cleaning services.

Professional Concrete Roof Cleaners

As a Vancouver roof cleaning service with experience working with all kinds of roofs, we recommend concrete roof cleaning to be on top of the to-do-list of any homeowner or building owner. The small pockets on concrete surfaces need to be cleaned deeply. As concrete roof cleaners Vancouver, we are telling you with absolute surety that unprofessionals cannot handle this even if they have a thousand gallons of water!

You may then ask how else. This is what our Vancouver roof cleaning team is for.

Concrete Roof Cleaning with Top Roof Cleaning

What we do differently is so simple.
Instead of trying to succeed in concrete roof cleaning by pressure washing, scrubbing, scraping, or blowing, Vancouver roof cleaning crew at Top Roof Cleaners will take a different, more scientific approach. First off, let us explore why concrete roof cleaning will never work if you try traditional methods.

What We Do

As a Vancouver moss removal service with a lot of practice, we always settle for the best method after observing the roof material. Our concrete roof cleaners Vancouver will use a deep sterilization method in which the ingrown moss, algae, and lichen will be chemically treated.

What happens in deep sterilization is quite simple. Our Vancouver roof cleaning team will apply a liquid sterilizer that will destroy the roof moss, algae, and lichen. The sterilizer will be absorbed into the indentations, creating a fungicidal environment.

Our moss removal services Vancouver will ensure that the treatment is powerful enough to last long, through changing weather conditions.

Vancouver moss removal with Top Roof Cleaning will result in a fungicidal roof that will discourage moss and algae growth.

Best Concrete Roof Cleaners Vancouver

Vancouver roof cleaning could be hard, but concrete roof cleaning requires a special skill, unique methods, and an extra special liquid sterilizer. Our moss removal services Vancouver are tailor-made to answer your biggest issue of a dirty concrete roof. Concrete roofs are definitely high maintenance, but we can make it way simpler by following the correct concrete roof cleaning procedures. In a matter of months, your roof will be restored to its beautiful, brand new state – and you will not have to call Vancouver roof cleaning services as often as you used to.

vancouver concrete roof cleaning
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