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If cleaning is tricky, roof cleaning is way trickier. With lifestyles getting constantly busy, it is hard for everyone to find time to do their own cleaning chores. This is why giving your most hated duties over to a company that does it willingly sounds sensible. Roof cleaning is one of the hardest cleaning jobs, and you would definitely need professional roof cleaning services to get it done safely, accurately and carefully. Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver is the ultimate solution to all your roof and gutter cleaning requirements. With our expertise, passion and warmth – we will definitely be your roof cleaning savior.

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  • Roof cleaning services on-call
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Roof Cleaning Process – How We Function

Roof cleaning Vancouver just got super easy with our attentive roof cleaning experts! One simple call or message is all that it takes to get our roof cleaners right to your doorstep. Before you hire, we are more than glad to give you a free roof cleaning quote with a full account of our roof cleaning services, and the cost for each service. Try working with us, because the process is easy as one, two, three!


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Roof cleaning is the one thing that could turn to be dangerous, unsuccessful and costly if you try to do it on your own. That is why a professional Vancouver roof cleaning company like Top Roof Cleaners has to do it for you. Roof moss removal, siding cleaning and gutter cleaning Vancouver are all essential to maintaining the exterior elegance of your home or building. Once you hire the perfect Vancouver roof cleaning and siding cleaning expert, the worrisome burdens of discoloration, decaying, and leaking will go away instantly.Roof cleaning services with Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver are solely based on practically proven, nature-friendly methods of gutter cleaning and moss removal. We are known for offering you the most affordable prices in Vancouver in exchange for a great and insightful roof cleaning service.

Roof Moss Removal

It’s about time you clean that caked moss. Hire a professional roof moss removal expert from Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver. With the simple combination of a biodegradable moss removal solution and a dexterous hand – your roof will finally get the shine it deserves.

Strata Cleaning

Your strata property definitely needs to be cleaned by a professional. Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver is the ideal strata cleaning expert. Our cleaning masters cover roof moss removal and gutter cleaning for strata properties using eco-friendly methods that give a lasting shine.

Gutter Cleaning

Do you still think gutter cleaning was hard? If so, our Vancouver gutter cleaning experts will be a lifetime investment. From hand-scooping to double-stage vacuuming; our gutter cleaners Vancouver know how to get every bit of debris to vanish instantly.

Siding Cleaning

Vinyl, wood, brick or stucco; your siding needs to be cleaned at least twice a year. Siding cleaning services by Top Roof Cleaners will be a game changer. Extend the lifetime of your siding by hiring the best siding cleaning specialist in Vancouver.

Why Choose Top Roof Cleaning?

Professionals Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning services Vancouver are all about delivering a greatly unmatched service that beats the competition. As one of the leading roof cleaning services in the area, we are pioneering with flying colors and great reviews.

Committed Roof Cleaning Team

We set our own goals and reach them to satisfy you fully. The greatest thing about our roof gutter cleaning company is that we have the most committed and passionate roof cleaning team in all of Vancouver.

the best roof cleaning vancouver
Complete Roof & Gutter Cleaning

None of our roof cleaning or gutter cleaning chores is left incomplete. We clean, we finish, and we make your roof look as clean as it ever was and could ever be.

Quick Solution

You might already know how annoying it gets when you are really in a hurry to get your roof moss removed, but the roof cleaners are not responding soon enough. It is equally troublesome to hire roof cleaning services that take forever to be completed. We at Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver emerged as a solution to both.


Tile Roof Cleaner

Tile Roof Cleaning

With the soft-washing procedure, Top Roof Cleaning is pleased to offer you our tile roof cleaning services. Effective and efficient tile roof cleaning is free of infestations. We will totally take care of the cleanness of your tile roof. Using our bio-degradable solutions and with roof cleaning professionals who have years of experience, your tile roof will shine like a new one after our cleaning.

Concrete Roof Cleaning

Cement Tile Roof Cleaning

As versatile and long-lasting it is, cement tile roofing is yet prone to weathering, leaking and breaking. Our special cement tile roof cleaning crew knows how to clean your roof to perfection. There is no way they would damage a single tile of your roof because the best roof cleaning strategies are being followed.

asphalt shingle roof cleaners vancouver

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning

Asphalt shingle roofs are among the most popular options of roofing. The durability and stealth will not be preserved if you clean your asphalt roof using the wrong methods. Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver will use a mild yet powerful solution on your roof. Whatever you have stuck up there, our roof cleaners will clean it!

Cedar Roof Cleaning Vancouver

Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar roofs are known for the grandeur it brings forth. Cedar roof cleaning is a must if you want the initial elegance to last. Professional Vancouver roof cleaning for cedar roofs will bring the troublesome algae, moss, stains, and debris to a stop. Valuing eco-friendly methods, we will clean it to the core!

Our Clients Say


You might already have had enough of cleaning your own place! The longer you stay in one place, the harder it gets to clean it. Roof cleaning by on your own is something that will take up a large portion of your valuable time, energy and resources. Sometimes, you might even end up hurting yourself, or making everything worse by getting the moss and debris all over the place instead of cleaning them up.

Our Services
  • Siding Cleaning– Siding cleaning chores of any multitude
  • Gutter Cleaning – Clean the places that are hardest to reach with Top Roof Cleaning services
  • Moss Removal – Remove the moss that makes your property ugly, unsafe and damp. We clear out every trace of moss so that you will get to enjoy a spotless surface.


You might be wondering how we differ from the rest. When it comes to service, satisfaction and affordability; Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver is way ahead of its competitors.

Top roof cleaning is the most affordable roof cleaning services provider in the city of Vancouver. We have well-experienced roof cleaners and gutter cleaners who will always exceed your expectations.

Top Roof Cleaning Service professionals will first listen to your requirement completely before acting on the project. When it comes to roof cleaning, you have to be careful about the places you want to have an extra protection over. Usually, one visit by Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver can do the job for you. If you have a bigger area of roof to clean, we will pay multiple visits until the whole job is done completely.

Call us; Get a Free quote without Hassle

Give us a simple call and see how clean your roof can actually get. To enjoy amazing discounts and offers those are exclusively available for our customers at Top Roof Cleaning, all you have to do is be a regular client. Trust us when we say this, Top Roof Cleaners will be the most beneficial, most cost-effective roof and gutter cleaning assistant you can ever get.

Top Roof Cleaning Vancouver is not only one of the most affordable roof cleaners, but also one that meets the required standards of roof cleaning and gutter cleaning. The quality of our service is undefeated.

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